Caramel Wedding Cake

At Last! I have just perfected my caramel cake recipe (after two weeks of experimenting. Just in time for the Wedding Expo). I delivered, displayed and served my three tier all edible, super soft chiffon cake with the melt in your mouth caramel frosting at the 11th Wedding Expo at the PICC Forum.

A lot of the couples who visited my booth were impressed that my staff and I were serving our cake display, the one they can actually have for their wedding. They were also amazed that we can assemble a soft chiffon cake- three layers and retain the taste consistency of the whole cake.

Everybody who dropped by the booth, brides accompanied by her mother, sister best friend, and the groom, accompanied by himself, other wedded couples, fellow wedding suppliers, and the always welcome 'UZI's" raved about the -tasty softness of the chiffon and not too sweet caramel icing that blended beyond belief.

For many couples, an all edible super chiffon cake just brought them closer to their goal of getting a super tasting, great looking wedding cake they will not be ashamed to serve during the wedding at the price that allows them to have a great honeymoon!

Ask me how much it is and let me see you dance your way to the altar...with tears of joy flowing, from the groom of course....