~Alegado Wedding~

~Date~ 27 December 2008
~Reception~ Casa Espaňol, Francies Drive, Greenpark Village, Quezon City

~Wedding Cake~ Five tier cake consisting of 6" x 4" mock cake, 9" x 4" mock cake, 12" x 4" mock cake, 15" x 4 " mock cake and 18" x 4" Sponge Coffee Caramel. The cakes were covered with white whipped cream and were lined with cookies dipped in Chocolate. We finished the decoration with pink dragees and pink buttercream icing swirls and flowers.

~Cake Topper~ A suspended white heart,(provided by the couple), added a unique character to the wedding cake.

+ Our thanks to Ms. Monette and Mr. Noel for allowing us to use their personal photographs. Photographs by Mr. Jeremiah Neil Ramos and Mr. Gani Mauleon.