Tan~Nava Wedding
17 January 2010

 Palacio de Maynila,
MH Del Pilar, Malate, Manila

Wedding Cake
Five tier fondant covered cake made up of 6" x 6" mock cake, 10" x 6" mock cake, 14" x 6" mock cake, 18" x 6" mock cake and 22" x 6 " of which 2" was Carrot Walnut and 4" was mock cake. We decorated the cake with blue notes and green staff handcrafted using gumpaste. The white notes were handcrafted using fondant icing.

Cake Topper
Six inch monogram of the wedding couple's initials handcrafted using gumpaste displayed on top of the wedding cake.

+ True unconditional love. Thank you for sharing your answer to the question you asked us many years ago,bakit nga ba mahal kita?