Dalina~Dee Wedding
04 August 2013

EDSA Shangri-La
1 Garden Way,
Ortigas Centre,
Mandaluyong City

Wedding Cake
Three tier fondant covered cake decorated with fresh flowers. Strips of graded colored fondant from white to peach  were delicately wrapped around the cake.

 6" x 5"  mock
9" x 5" mock
12'' x 5'' Apple Walnut

Cake Topper
The custom Bride and Groom birds
were handcrafted from fondant.

6" Cakes
Amaretto Flourless Chocolate
Oreo Cheesecake


dimaguila-don joy san gabriel

Dimaguila~Don Wedding
09 March 2013

Casa Roces  MalacaƱan,
Corner of JP Laurel and Aguado Streets,
San Miguel, Manila

Wedding Cake
Three tier light off white whipped cream covered cake decorated with purple sugar flower.  The  delicate lace work was hand piped with whipped cream.

 6" x 5''  Opera
 9'' x 5'' Carrot
12'' x 5''  Combination
1/2 Strawberry Shortcake
and 1/2 Tarta San Marco

Souvenir Cupcakes 
Strawberry Shortcake
Mango Cheesecake

+A 2013 rendition of a classic cake design complete with pillars and pull out charms.

Absolutely elegant.
Absolutely timeless. 


Christmas 2013
25  December 2013

Manila, Philippines

Today, we are wonderfully and gratefully in awe.

  A gentle baby comes to us with a definite sense of self.  
In a very soft but thunderous voice, he whispers "I am." 

 Yes, we truly believe you are.

Sincerely wishing all our couples and celebrants  both here 
and abroad, past, present and future a meaningful Christmas celebration.

(thank you+)   

Baby Rodrick James Baptism 
20 October 2013

Cake Topper
Five inch baby topper handcrafted from fondant.  


Young~San Gabriel Wedding
06 December 2000
Day 4745

The Palm Grove, Rockwell Club, 
Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City

Wedding Cake 
Three tier off-white colored fondant  measuring 10" x 4" (mock cake), 12" x 4" (mock cake) and 14" x 4" (mock cake) decorated with alternating arrangement of roses.

Cake Cutting 
A slice of Apple Walnut cake placed inside the base tier.

+ Our lace (13th) year! 
We are grateful for this one of a kind blessing.  Time has no material equivalent.  

Youth has a way of distorting time.  We always think everything is possible and time is infinite. Then, God knocks and we realize that all we have is really NOW.  

(thank you +)


  *photo by Mr. Eddieboy Escudero

We look forward to seeing all our previous brides and grooms and our soon to be brides and grooms based in Singapore!

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See~ Eduardo Wedding
5 October 2012

Romblon Ballroom, 
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, 
CCP Complex, 
Roxas Blvd., Manila

Wedding Cakes 
Twelve piece satellite set-up eight inch diameter 
wedding cakes.  
The cakes were covered
with white whipped cream icing with yellow accents.

Cake Flavors
Coffee Caramel
Moist Chocolate
Amaretto Flourless Chocolate
Strawberry Shortcake


Baby Leon's Baptism
20 April 2013

Private Residence

Baptismal Cake
 8'' Blueberry Cheesecake.
The cake was covered with baby blue whipped cream covered cake decorated with white whipped cream dots.

Cake Topper
Custom handcrafted lion cub placed on a handcrafted sugar basket.


Baby Jakayla's 1st Birthday
22 September 2012

Tony Roma's Restaurant
G/F Glorietta 4
Ayala Avenue cor Pasay Road,
Ayala Center, Makati City

Birthday Cake
Two tier fondant covered cake decorated with flower and polka dot fondant cut outs.

 8" x 5''  mock
12'' x 5'' Carrot

Cake Topper
Baby topper wearing a pink bunny suit and fondant cupcake.
The custom topers were handcrafted from fondant.

Cupcakes Cakes
30 pieces Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

6" Cakes
New York Cheesecake
Moist Chocolate


Nuesca~Vergara Wedding
17 March 2012

Fernbrook Gardens,
Portofino South,
Daang Reyna,
Las Pinas

Wedding Cake
 6" x 5''  Fondant Covered
Carrot Cake

Miniature Cakes
60 pieces Carrot miniature cakes.
The miniature cakes were covered with  blue, purple and pink fondant. Each of the cakes were delicately piped with whipped cream icing and decorated with sugar elements.

6" Cakes
Mango Cheesecake
Coffee Caramel  


Cake in a Jar

Joy San Gabriel Culinary Arts Studio

The Cake
Our take on deconstructed cakes.

  Each cake layer and filling is tenderly laid one on top of the other.  Slowly, it is
topped with white whipped cream icing.

The glass jar is approximately 3oz.

Flavors Possible 
Strawberry Short Cake
Carrot Cake
Moist Chocolate
Tarta San Marco