Kimi's 1st Birthday

All these baby geniuses riding a jet powered vehicle just astounds me! It show how the advancements in science deeply permeates our lives today allowing us to have some handle over luck. For the longest time, couples depended on good genes and a lots of luck for to give birth to a genius. As such, geniuses were born far in between.

Today, science tells us that any baby born has an equal chance of becoming a successful person as much as a born genius. For many parents who are non scientists, creators of Little Einstein have given them the secret formula. I just hope having a lot of geniuses does not lead to more bickering in the world, not to mention in the Philippines.

For the 70's kid like me, Sesame Street and Electric Company were as much genius formula as I could get. So, at the very least I know how to count one to twenty and recite the twenty six letters of the alphabet. Heck, I even had to do some Internet research to figure out the who the Baby Einsteins were when the client mother told me the theme of the party was Baby Einstein.

My advice to the grown geniuses, check your ego at the door.

The Creation
-Handmade Cake Topper featuring Little Einstein Characters
-8 Inch Non-Edible Cake

The Celebration
-1st Birthday Party
-Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse
-7 January 2007