Fonterra Pastry Festival 2008

~Date~ 29 October 2008
~Venue~ A. Venue Hall,Makati Avenue, Makati City

+ Being an Anchor Butter user, Fonterra, the Anchor distributor, invited me together with other Fonterra product users to participate in their 1st Pastry Festival. The event featured the different Fonterra products. The invited product users supported the event by showcasing the versatility of the products.

For the event, I handcrafted a busy baker using fondant icing complete with a work table, with the Anchor logo, various ingredients and baking equipment. The work table was displayed on top of a 16" mock cake decorated with strawberries.

It was good to meet other Fonterra product users, Icings, Banapple, Merced Bakeshop, Sweet Specialist, Abby's, Lailen's and Mary Grace.

Thank you for inviting me.