Wedding Expo Philippines 14th Edition

March 7 and 8, 2009
The Philippine International Convention Center Forum, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Manila

+ Congratulations to Themes and Motifs on the successful staging of the 14th Edition of the Wedding Expo Philippines. For a time, we anxiously anticipated the coming ingress and egress activities as the organizers disclosed the new requirements of the PICC. To our pleasant surprise, our ingress and egress went smoothly. For this staging, we appreciated the designation of an exclusive parking space for the suppliers. This turned out to be convenient as we were able to park easily and get to the event quickly. No more hassles of looking for parking then running to the event.

As always, we were very happy to meet all the soon-to-weds, the singles and the married couples over the week-end. It was always a pleasure for us to share samples of our Signature Dessert Line, Cheesecakes, Amaretto Flourless and Kilaueia to all.

It was also good to touch base with friends in the industry, Mr. Charlie of Acclaim, Mr. Boy of Golden Hills Jewelry, Mr. Boyet of Josiah's Catering, Mr. Alain and Ms. Mye of Matus Jewelry, Ms. Mary Ann of Top Cakes, Ms. Phoebe and Mr. Kerwin of Printed Matter, Mr. Buddy and Ms. Josie Abesamis of VS & F Catering and Ms. Susan of Bethany Dream Cakes.

Your expressions of mmmm's... and ahh's.... for our cakes and desserts are always appreciated.