Young ~ San Gabriel Wedding
06 December 2000

The Palm Grove, Rockwell Club, 
Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City

Wedding Cake 
Three tier off-white colored fondant  measuring 10" x 4" (mock cake), 12" x 4" (mock cake) and 14" x 4" (mock cake) decorated with alternating arrangement of roses.

Cake Cutting 
A slice of Apple Walnut cake placed inside the base tier.

+ Our tin (10th) year! WoW!
We are thankful for this blessing. This is truly a one of a kind blessing that has no material equivalent.   We are still learning.  Lessons and learning modules on love and loving are continuing. But, after 3,650 days,we can tell you that love is indeed patient,
 it is indeed kind... 
(okay, we are working on the rest :)).

(thank you +)


  *photo by Mr. Eddieboy Escudero