All Edible

The all edible cake is our practical alternative offering to the traditional multi-tier fondant icing covered cake. Finally, here is a worthy alternative that relieve celebrants from purchasing expensive non-edible mock cakes for the sake of aesthetics. Our all edible cakes allow celebrants and guests to enjoy every bit of the cake without sacrificing elegance.

This cake concept offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to taste and decoration. How grand the cake will be is all up to the celebrant. Celebrants can opt for a three tier or a grand eight tier all edible cake.

Each cake tier flavor is absolutely customizable. A single flavor can define the whole cake. Or a variety flavors mixed and matched from our Signature Dessert Line can differentiate each tier of cake. Our Signature Dessert Line include Amaretto Flourless, Moist Chocolate, Kilaueia, Valrhona Chocolate, and Cheesecake.

Handcrafted wedding couple or debutante using fondant icing for cake toppers, fresh fruits or floral arrangements add to the uniqueness of the cake. Finally, let the whipped cream icing provide that deep expressive cake texture.

Whether one values aesthetics or taste, our all edible cake is sure to make a lasting impression.


Our All Edible Cake Set-up

  • 6" x 4"

  • 9" x 4"

  • 12" x 4"

  • 6" x 4"

  • 10" x 4"

  • 14" x 4"

  • 8" x 7"

  • 12" x 7"

  • 16" x 7"

  • 20" x 7"

  • 8" x 6"

  • 11" x 6"

  • 14" x 6"

  • 17" x 6"

  • 20" x 6"

  • 6" x 5"

  • 9" x 5"

  • 12" x 5"

  • 15" x 5"

  • 18" x 5"

  • 8" x 4"

  • 10" x 6"

  • 12" x 4"

  • 14" x 6"

  • 16" x 4"

  • 18" x 4"

  • 20" x 4"

  • 22" x 4"

  • 6" x 3"

  • 8" x 3"

  • 12" x 3"

  • Our Cake Decorations

    Fresh fruits with chocolate

    Fresh fruits with whipped cream icing
    Thin layer of chocolate with gumapste flowers

    Fresh flowers with whipped cream icing

    Our Signature Desserts
    Choose from any of the Signature Flavors to customize each edible layer of your cake.

    Amaretto Flourless Cake
    Flourless chocolate with a dash of Amaretto


    Carrot Cake
    Super Moist Carrot Cake with grated carrots, chopped Walnuts, glazed with cream cheese.

    Moist Chocolate cake with chunks of Walnut and Almonds

    Strawberry Shortcake
    Light sponge cake topped with Strawberries.

    Blueberry Cheesecake
    Baked cream cheese placed on a layer of Graham crust topped with Blueberry filling.
    blueberry_cheesecake strawberry_cheesecake
    Strawberry Cheesecake
    Baked cream cheese placed on a layer of Graham crust topped with Strawberry filling.

    Oreo Cheesecake
    Baked cream cheese placed on a layer of Oreo crust topped with an Oreo Cookie
    Fresh Fruit Shortcake
    Light sponge cake topped with fresh fruits

    Coffee Caramel
    Light chiffon cake with caramel filling